Waist bead are traditional African accessories.They have been worn for centuries.They are commonly used to gauge changes in weight. Rather than step on a scale, you can use your waist beads to stay aware of any weight gain or loss in your abdomen.Feel free to wear clothing that will reveal your beautiful sexy waist beads or wear it  under your clothing for only you and your chosen partner to see.This waist bead is stretchy and will fit your waist comfortably! You can social distance it or wear it with other waist beads.You can also pair it with the available matching hoop earrings.Materials and Why I Use themGlass beadsGlass seed beads will maintain there colors even if you bathe in your waist beads.Fabric ElasticI use fabric elastic for durability .I know that when you are shopping for waist beads you want it to last.I do not want to sell you a waist bead that will only last for a few weeks.Fabric Elastic ( cord)

Rasta Color Waist Bead

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