Keep your waist trendy and positive with your  custom made waist bead.You may even get triple use if you like.You can wear as a wrapped bracelet or as a wrapped necklace.It's your jewelry wear it how you want to.Measure your waist and I will customize and it for you.4mm beads are strong on cotton elastic cord, making it strong , stretchable and comfortable.It will also come with a lobster clasp closure.Would you like a match hoop earring as well?No problem pay for one of the seeded bead earrings and then leave me a message in the cart telling me which waist bead you want it to co-ordinate with.Thank you for shopping with Extra Fashizz!

Fun Fact

Waist beads are traditional African accessories.They have been worn for centuries.They are commonly used to gauge changes in weight. Rather than step on a scale, you can use your waist beads to stay aware of any weight gain or loss in your abdomen.Feel free to wear clothing that will reveal your beautiful sexy waist beads or wear it  under your clothing for only you and your chosen partner to see.This waist bead is stretchy and will fit your waist comfortably! You can social distance it or wear it with other waist beads. Just spoil your waist and buy it.


Glass beads
Fabric elastic
Lobster clasp

Waist Bead

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