Are those pimples I see? Jojoba Rose will fix them!Is your scalp thirsty...?Jojoba Rose will quench it...Ashy skin....Jojoba Rose will moisturize it!Jojoba Rose is a multitasking oil that can be used on the entire body  .Use it to oil your nail cuticles, use it on your brows and eyelashes, use to oil your scalp, moisturize your face after washing it or to hydrate or moisturize your dry skin.
 This is 100% cold pressed natural Jojoba oil that is infused with dried rose petals.It is ideal for your body , face, hair , nails and for massaging.Roses are known to have therapeutic benefits.They reduce stress and promote glowing skin.Jojoba oil is actually a natural wax.It is the closest thing to the oil that our skin produces naturally.It works amazingly on all skin type, because it tricks your skin into thinking that your skin produces enough  oil naturally, then it disappears into your skin leaving it soft and naturally beautiful.
 This will be the just right oil for your oily skin, dry skin and sensitive skin.This oil will leave your skin looking and feeling flawless.If you don't believe me...just try it! It will also be perfect for removing your make up.The proof will be in the oil...

Jojoba Rose Oil

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