Salt & Pepper Beaded Triangles

Salt & Pepper Beaded Triangles

Extra Fashizz handmade 'Salt & Pepper Beaded Triangles", uncommon, lightweight and unblemished.It is equipped with two energy stones Hematite and Lava semi-precious stones. Hematite brings a quality of energy that is powerful, strong, and grounding.Lava stone is also know for is calming and grounding.You may choose to add your favorite essential oil to the Lava stones on your earrings.They are also available  in clip-ons.
Give a pair to your best friend as a pick-me-up, birthday present or just because.N.B also available in clip-ons


Black, white and gray glass seed beads.

8mm Lava and Hematite s ty ones

Silver plated wires

2.5 inches long