I am Isheka , the founder of Extra Fashizz. Thank you for visiting my website.Extra Fashizz is the home of small collections of handcrafted  jewelries, home made skincare products and crafts.I am excited to personally give you some background about myself and Extra Fashizz .


 Growing up in Jamaica , has taught me the true love of nature and the appreciation of homemade and handcrafted items. Exploring the bushes in my backyard, going to the river ,the beaches , the craft market and farmer's market to purchase my handcrafted jewelries and food ,made it natural to incorporate this love into my handcrafted products. 


Furthering my love of nature , the semi-precious stones, wooden beads, glass beads and fabrics  used in my designs are of great quality. I purchase most of my materials from the local crafts store in my area, that way I can see and feel them before purchasing

     Strictly Rootzz Skincare

Like the name Strictly Rootzz suggested ,all my skincare products are made with ingredients from plants.My daughter Marley has very sensitive skin and it was a great challenge to find a store bought skincare product that wouldn't resulted in her skin hitching constantly and covered in severe rashes.In March 2020 throughout Covid lock down ,I started researching and reading about natural skincare.I discovered that there was a possibility that the preservatives ,Parabens , Sulfates, Phosphates,artificial fragrances and  artificial colors,animal ingredients  and other additives that were in most of the store bought products were probably too harsh for my daughter's skin.I spent 4 months reading about vegan skincare products , sourcing Organic Vegan ingredients and experimenting in my kitchen. I tested my products on my daughter , myself as well as other family members and friends...

 In August 2020 I launched my first set of products at the Farmer's market .My goal was to create skincare products that were  pure, safe and beneficial for  Marley's skin, but now I am also able to share them with you and your family.After tons of reading and experiments in my kitchen, I proudly present to you  some home made,naturally fragrance , naturally colored ,non-toxic ,  Vegan skincare products that are cruelty free, free of Parabens , sulfates, Phosphates ,  preservatives and other additives . I hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do.


Please feel free to send me an email with any questions that you have,.

Best regards,




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