My name is Sheka Rootzz. I am a certified educator ,a trained chef ,a food enthusiast ,a self taught artisan and an online merchant. Thank you for visiting my online mercantile.

   'Extra Fashizz Mercantile' is a combination of my three handmade brands ,'EXTRA FASHIZZ' , 'STRICTLY ROOTZZ ' and 'sheka rootzz kitchen. All three brands offer distinctive, custom made, homemade and handcrafted gifts.


 'extra fashizz jewelries'  focuses on  Afro-Caribbean inspired jewelries and  hair accessories,  that can be worn all seasons. The best thing is that , I create my own styles , with the  use of vibrant colors , earth tone colors and authentic materials such as, but not limited to Ankara fabric ,glass seed beads ,upcycled denim, genuine leather , wooden beads and semi-precious stones. With the previously mentioned materials I  create some simple pieces ,as well as some statement pieces that are rich in tone and textures. 



At age 4  in March 2020 , my daughter Marley, who has Eczema , asked to create something for her skin. I guessed her seeing me making my own jewelries , she figured I could make stuff for her skin as well. I explained to her that I didn't know how to make them. After five months of researching and experimenting, I launched my first skincare products, in August 2020.

  This brand  focuses on natural, Vegan skincare products. What  sets my brand apart from other skincare line , is the fact that I use edible ,plant based ingredients to create all of my products. All products are made in small batches with pure organic, vegan ingredients to invoke the spirit of passion, luxury and wellness, while treating your skin to the best. Nature has provided me with amazing raw ingredients and my job is to show their natural benefits. All these products are eco-friendly paraben free , alcohol free ,phosphate free , phthalate free ,sulphate , toxic free and cruelty free. 



 I create this brand to honor my great grand parents, my grandmothers and my mom . Most of the things I know about cooking and baking, I learned from being in the kitchen with them from the tender age of 7 years old. Here I offer mostly authentic old fashion Jamaican , tea leaves ,juices , pastries and  treats ,with authentic vegan ingredients, just the way I learned back home. I will sometimes add my little twist, based on my years of experience cooking and baking here in America as well. 

  Each item offered is carefully created and inspected before it is listed on this website. All orders will be fulfilled with great care and attention to detail. Most items will be made to order, but I promise to create and ship  your product/s to you in 3-7 business days.