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'extra Fashizz mercantile (efm)


 Hi! My name is Sheka Rootzz.I merged my three brands Extra Fashizz , Strictly Rootzz and Sheka Rootzz Kitchen to form Extra Fashizz Mercantile .This is an environmentally friendly , natural lifestyle brand, that currently offers, handcrafted Afro-Bohemian jewelries, toxin free vegan skincare products, as well as Jamaican inspired, caffeine free teas and delights. All products are ethically made by me in North Carolina in small batches. Items are packaged in simple zero waste containers, in order to avoid the use of single use plastic.


efm mission


To create and sell intentionally-designed, high quality, eco-friendly products for those who are unable to make their own.

To use organic, plant based ,edible ingredients that are good for our skin.

To package each product in biodegradable/ recyclable containers

extra fashizz jewelries

 After designing and creating a pair of fabric earring and a matching head scarf for myself in 2019, I was inspired to start my own jewelry line, to create intentionally-designed, high quality pieces for those who are unable to make their own. These pieces can be worn all seasons, while allowing you to be yourself on purpose. I guarantee that they will be unique to you , but yet identifiable to others. My jewelries are made from various materials such as, but not limited to semi -precious stones, wooden beads, upcycled fabric, clay, wax cords, glass seed beads etc. Let me  help you showcase your style, boost your confidence and allow you to feel good in what you wear  for a great price.

STRICTLY ROOTZZ  Vegan skincare

 I believe that what goes onto our skin or into our hair is just as important as what goes into our mouth. My  frustration and my interest in finding skincare products that would not result in my daughter having an eczema flare up is what inspired me to  create  'Strictly Rootzz  '.Like the name suggests, ¨Strictly Rootzz¨, is skincare that comes from the earth. It currently consist of face soaps, face and body moisturizers, face and body scrubs, perfume oils, pore cleansers, face mask, hair mask (conditioner), body butters and teas that are made with pure, plant based and edible ingredients. My family and customers have been using these products since 2020. I have done hours of research to learn about traditional ingredients and the natural ones that offers similar results. I am amazed about simple vegan ingredients that can be found in our kitchen and how they can be healing.  


 All products are made with a goal to invoke the spirit of passion, luxury and wellness, while treating your skin to the best. Nature has provided me with amazing raw ingredients and my job is to show their natural benefits. These products have no synthetic chemicals, no toxins , no worries .They are just clean ,natural  products that will allow your skin to breathe and be healthy.



Each product is carefully created and inspected before it is listed on this website. All orders will be fulfilled with great care and attention to detail. Most items will be made to order, so please allow 3 to 5 days to process and create the item .After that your item will be shipped in 1 to two business days. Thanks in advance for supporting my business.


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