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Multi-Purpose Journaling

Do you have a Journal? Do you do Journaling? Did you know that Journaling is an amazing self-care idea ?Yes! Especially when you journal about the things that you are thankful for. Did you know that you can use Journaling for communicating with the Lord? Did you also know that you can use journaling to record goals for yourself,your family, your business or your job?Yes! I use my journal for all these things and more ! I like to call my type of journaling a 'Multi-purpose journaling'. Get yourself a journal that you can use to talk to God, count your blessings ,plan out your day or just to keep track of your daily life and memories with your children etc.

I have been Journaling since 2020 and it has helped me alot. In my journal is where I talk to the Lord.Each of my journal entry starts with:

" Dear Lord,

Thank you for your grace and mercy!"

It also has a affirmation for myself.

What To Record your Journaling In?

So you do not have a physical Journal at the moment? No worries! You do not need a physical book to do journaling.I do my journaling in Google Docs.I love this method because I can do my Journaling on the go,anywhere anytime. With this method my journal is always accessible. I have tried Journaling in a physical book, but I had difficulty keeping up with it. As a result of this, I would often times have to replace my journal with a new one .Next thing you know, I have three to four journals around the house .

Don't let my experience deter you though .If you would prefer a physical book for your journaling, go right a head and get yourself a note book, decorate it and create your own journal .

What Time To Do your Journaling?

Most days ,I do my journaling as soon as I'm awake ,since journaling is when I talk to the Lord.I also do journaling before going to bed sometimes,but not every night. However, on the nights when I don't get to do it,I finish my journaling for that day,first thing the next day, before starting a new day's journaling.

If something important happens during the day,I usually stop what I am doing and record it in my journal immediately. These varied times work for me,but you can select a designated time that will be ideal for your journaling.

I hope that you have learned a little more about journaling and is excited to start your own journaling adventure. Are you ready to take on the challenge?

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