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Sheka Rootzz Kitchen

Growing up in Jamaica in the 80s and 90s, before Jamaica was loaded with British and American sweets, as a child my go to sweets were Coconut Drops, Grater Cake, Buss-Mi-Jaws, Paradise Plum,Icy Mint,Toto,Peanut Drops, Cornmeal Pudding ,Sweet Potato Pudding and other good old sweet treats that my slave ancestors use to make for themselves and their kids.

In 1991,my mom lost her house to a fire and my sister and I were sent to live with our maternal grandmother.She didn't have much money, so most of the sweet treats and every meal that we ate at home, were homemade.The recipes were passed down to her through word of mouth from her mom and grandma.She often times, put her own twist to the recipes, and refer to the process of making them as "teking her hand fi mek fashion," which translate to using her hands to make creative stuff with whatever little she had for us to eat.

Cooking was her passion.She was the happiest when cooking. She could make a meal out of anything.Today, cooking is one of my favorite thing to do at home.I am the happiest and the proudest when I am fixing a meal.So you see, cooking is my rootzz.I am Sheka rootzz.Welcome to my blog!

Today ,I call my kitchen Sheka Rootzz kitchen,because my style of cooking is my rootzz. My style consist of the combination of recipes that was passed down to me from my great grandma,great grandpa, my grandmas, and mom, mixed with my own twist ,based on my years of experience in the kitchen.I have been cooking for 30 yrs.I am been cooking with my grandma since age 7.

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